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Nevine Mabro, Channel 4 Commissioner 
Nick is a dream director/producer - he shoots beautifully and is a sensitive journalist who can easily manage a range of difficult situations whether a hostile environment or people in distress. He has all the right instincts when making programmes - he sees the big picture but also pays attention to all the detail & legals - and is very experienced and self sufficient. His films are always very moving. He is an all rounder in the sense that he can produce, shoot & direct a film alone or direct a programme with a reporter or presenter. They love working with him as do editors, commissioners and production staff. A great talent who I highly recommend.

Ian Katz, Director of Programmes, Channel 4

Nick is hugely talented and versatile film-maker as comfortable working on a gritty observational film about poverty in the north of England as chronicling the impact of IS in Iraq. He can bring the best out of a reporter, or work effectively alone. Nick has a real touch for getting subjects to talk naturally and writes economically and elegantly. He is a great all-round talent.

Michael Buerk, Broadcaster
Nick was the ideal producer to work with - creative, constructive, energetic, utterly competent and completely unflappable in stressful circumstances. He combines broad horizons with focussed commitment. Working with him was a delight and the end product far better than it would have been with a lesser producer involved. I am a (considerable) fan.

Allan Little, BBC News Special Correspondent
Nicholas Blakemore is one of the most talented filmmakers and current affairs producers I have worked with. He has a quick, creative intellect and a aflame for visual impact and telling, nuanced detail. He combines this with journalistic judgment that is rock solid. His films have a powerful immediate impact; but they also leave a lasting resonance, with different layers of meaning and content. 

Mark Urban, Diplomatic Editor, BBC Newsnight 
I have seen Nick come up with creative solutions and imaginative story telling ideas very rapidly. He's a very impressive operator when it comes to overcoming the practical difficulties involved in such work - whether that's getting from A to B or feeding a finished story back to base. He has strong journalistic sensibilities too - a real nose for a story. 

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